Offering professional equine body work services.

Specializing in massage, gentle myofascial release and adjustments, acupressure, and assessment of saddle fit. As well as Myofascial decompression therapy (cupping), red light/blue light therapy and customized equine fitness and rehabilitation programs. 

EB Equine Performance Therapy services are mobile, travelling throughout Vancouver Island B.C

About Emma

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion and love for horses. I began as a rider at the age of five. By taking lessons at a local barn in my hometown of Campbell River B.C. I knew from a very young age that I felt my happiest and most at home when in the presence of horses. 

​From then on my desire to learn as much as I could and be around horses continued to flourish. I will be forever grateful, to the horses in my life, past, present and future as they have and continue to teach me so much everyday. I truly believe that without the horses, I would not be the woman I am today.

 After gaining many years of experience working in the equine industry in areas such as coaching, working student positions and managing a boarding and training facility from my home. As well as being an avid rider and competitor in the disciplines of Dressage and Hunter Jumpers. Accompanied by 20+ years of horse ownership, I knew it was time to further pursue my passion. I have combined my experiences, abilities, entrepreneurial spirit and lifelong desire to continue my education in the industry.  I have wrapped it all up into one, which  inspired me to create EB Equine Performance Therapy. I could not be more excited to help your horse (s) feel their best, and to provide education and enthusiasm for the industry along the way!

Throughout her journey as a horse woman, Emma has learned to look at the horse as a whole, to explore and consider all avenues when faced with a concern. Emma has learned valuable lessons in how vital the health and structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system is. As well as, how it can so greatly effect the performance, health, physical and mental wellbeing of our equine partners. ​​
Her skills and techniques were not only developed through an extensive equine therapy program, but also with additional educational avenues she has pursued over the years.
Emma strongly believes that
when one system is off in the equine body it greatly effects another. This is why she has received and will continue her education in a variety of topics regarding equine wellness.

Her certifications and education include:
-Equine Performance Therapy Diploma
Through Kheiron College of Equine Therapy completed September 2021.

-University of Guelph Equine Studies
Functional Anatomy
Equine Behavior
Management of the Equine Environment
Equine Nutrition

Cupping and Fascia Tools, completed 2023
Through SOZO Equine