Equine Bodywork Session
What horses can benefit and which concerns can be addressed?

Horses who are struggling with one or more of the following can greatly benefit from bodywork. Including performance and behavioral concerns, postural concerns, imbalances, general discomforts, or trouble building up musculature and physical fitness. Regardless of their age, breed, performance abilities, discipline, or current fitness level. Please note your horse does not need to be displaying a concern to enjoy the many benefits.
Benefits of a session include, increased relaxation, decreased risk of injury, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, increased range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility and performance, decreased muscle tension, tightness and fascial adhesions, increased ability to build and maintain muscle mass and an overall increase in mental and physical well-being!

What is included?
At the beginning of each session I will observe your horse while in motion, and assess the biomechanics and balance. I will also perform a static assessment of your horses overall body condition, soft tissues and posture. Also included is a full bodywork session, where a variety of soft tissue techniques will be used. All techniques performed are soft tissue based, gentle and non-invasive. Techniques include, massage, myofascial release and adjustments and acupressure. Following the session, you will receive a full comprehensive report and on going support in between sessions should you have any questions. I enjoy hearing how your horse is feeling following their session too!

The owner/rider will also be consulted on stretches, exercises in hand and under saddle, and conditioning suggestions to perform as "homework" to reach your goals and foster an environment for long term success with your equine partner.

Local visits: $80 + GST
Travel: Please contact with location for rates
(horse minimums may also apply)
Please allow 60 minutes for a session.
For initial visits, please allow 90 minutes for a session.
Cupping-Myofascial decompression therapy
Has a very holistic effect on the body. It can be described as a form of massage therapy that involves placing cups on the body to create a negative vacuum that lifts the dermal layer and decompresses the soft tissue below. Studies have most consistently shown that fascia responds very well to decompression and there can be an average of 10mm increase in the space below the superficial layer of fascia.
It improves blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces pain, reduces painful trigger points, decreases inflammation, releases fascial adhesions and has the ability to remodel scar tissue even on mature scars.
Cupping services are not offered as a stand alone treatment to clients who have not had an initial session. Following an initial session, it can be used as a stand alone treatment as needed. Cupping services can also be included as needed in a full session.
Add on to a bodywork session $15 + GST, stand alone treatment (available after initial session only) $45 + GST
Please allow 20-30 minutes for a session.


Red/blue light Therapy-LTS
Using LEDs with different wavelengths, within the optical window which
increases the regeneration of the cells by up to 200%. The blue light 450nm, is used for
antibacterial purposes. The lights ensure the maximum absorption of energy into the cells. The benefits include, increased circulation, faster wound healing, minimization of scar tissue, increased hair growth, reduced risk of injury, reduces muscle soreness, reduction of lactic acid in the muscles after training and ecercise, reduces downtime and can increase the healing time by 2/3 in ligament injuries.
Red/blue light therapy services can be included in a session as needed or offered as a stand alone treatment following an initial session. Please contact for more information and rates.
Each individual product is also available for purchase.
Add on to a bodywork session $20 + GST


IASTM-Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Involves the use of a tool in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue to increase the range of motion, release fascial adhesions, reduce painful trigger points, relieve pain, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, remodel scars and improve upon the apperance of mature scars. The fascia tools helps to identify areas of restriction and provides a mechanical force which kick starts the bodies natural healing process. To promote the reabsorption of unhealthy tissue and toxins and remodels it to form new, healthy tissue.
IASTM is not offered as a stand alone treatment, but will be included in a session as needed.

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