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EB Equine Performance Therapy

Red Light Pad

Red Light Pad

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This pad is perfect for horses (or humans!) that may be recovering from an injury, has pain or simply used as a preventative. You can also get creative with its placement, it includes a strap for ease of use. 

Like you, we are animal lovers and we know nothing is worse than seeing your horse in discomfort. When your horse is injured we know this can be costly and stressful over the unknown. This is an easy to use, non-invasive and holistic device.

Red light therapy has been shown to:

-Decrease pain, inflamation and swelling.

-Injury recovery, such as tendon and ligament injuries.

- Help with wound healing and reduces scar tissue formation.

-Increases mobility and circulation.

-Decreases muscle stiffness and soreness

-Help with discomfort caused by arthritis.

Featuring infrared and near infrared light chips at two different wavelengths, 660nm and 850nm and a pulsing option for even deeper penetration into the skin at a cellular level. It has a internal USB rechargeable battery, no cords required during treatment!

This product carries a 1 year warranty for manufacturers defect. Please ensure your horse is tied, standing still and supervised during the entire duration of the treatment. Only use on a clean and dry area. 

Treatment time is 10-15 minutes per area. Pad meausres 49cm x 53cm

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